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Bonus Tracks

Here you can find short clips and interviews with the participating photographers. We will add more interesting bonus tracks bit by bit - so drop by again soon!

The Magnum photographer Micha Bar-Am, born in Germany in 1930, talks about the importance of selectivity and the opportunities a camera gives him. He is trying to see the context: “If you are too close to a situation, you lose perspective.”

In this video Jonas Bendiksen talks about his series The Places We live. Some of the photographs can also be seen within the show No Place like Home / Zuhause in Wilhelm-Hack-Museum. He explains what makes a good photographer in his opinion and he talks about the opportunities that exist thanks to the connection of photography and video.

Harry Gruyaert's way to Magnum Photos was not really intuitive. In this report by Art Metropol TV he talks about that and his opinion about colour and black and white photography. He also speaks about his current works and projects.

Bruno Barbey is a real institution at Magnum Photos: having been a full member for half a century. Norbert Kaiser asked him about his works and the development he went through.

In this video the photographer and former Magnum fellowship holder Liu Jie talks about his series Migrant Nation that can be visited in halle02 in Heidelberg. He wants to draw people's attention to the huge problems his homecountry China has. Norbert Kaiser from Art Metropol TV interviewed him at the opening of the 5th Fotofestival.

For our show Deutschlandreise, Paolo Pellegrin took photos in Germany. In this video, he talks about his stays in the Near East.

The film Somewhere To Disappear by Laure Flammarion and Arnaud Uyttunhove shows Magnum photographer Alec Soth realizing his project Broken Manual. This will be presented within the show No Place like Home / Zuhause. Film screening: daily; 12 P.M., 3 P.M. and 5 P.M.; 60 min. Here is the trailer...

The photographer Tim Hetherington, whose photographs will be exhibited within the show Battleground / Afghanistan, took pictures of American soldiers in Afghanistan in 2008 - however not in the field but while they were sleeping...

Alessandra Sanguinetti photographed the withdrawal of American soldiers from the Rhine-Neckar region within the special project Insight Out / Konversion. This is another project of the photographer: for several years she made photographs of two cousins from Argentina.

Martin Parr’s photographs might be provocative. In this film he talks about photography in black and white and in color, boredom as zeitgeist and his project in Luxemburg. The city was cultural capital in 2007.

Christopher Anderson's photographs shown within the exhibition No Place like Home / Zuhause at the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum in Ludwigshafen. In this video he talks about becoming a photographer, about his current project to capture New York City in photos and about the meaning of photography for him personally .

Magnum-photographer Thomas Hoepker is patron of the 5th Fotofestival. Hoepker moved to East Berlin in 1974 together with his wife in order to experience the DDR with his camera for the German magazine stern. Parts of this project will be exhibited within the Festival. Here is an interesting statement on his work:

Andréa Holzherr has invited Donovan Wylie to photograph the withdrawal of American soldiers from the Rhine-Neckar region and document the liberation of formerly militarily used land. Hear more about his photographic approach in general and how he became a photographer: