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#01 Birte Kaufmann

The Travellers

About this series
Birte Kaufmann is a graduate of the Ostkreuz School of Photography in Berlin. She works as a freelance photographer. Her study The Travellers portrays the daily life of a nomadic minority in Ireland. She accompanied the travellers on their everyday business with her camera and studied their customs and community, and documented their search for a place in modern Irish society.

#02 Stephanie Steinkopf

Manhattan - Straße der Jugend

About this series
Stephanie Steinkopf studied at the Ostkreuz School of Photography. Excerpts from her final assignment Manhattan – Straße der Jugend are presented here. The series of photos deals with houses made from prefabricated concrete slabs in Letschin, Brandenburg, where after the fall of Communism parts of the existing social structures fell to pieces. The estate was given the name Manhattan by the inhabitants of the village, as it has the look of New York’s skyline.

About this series
Kike Aspano, born in Toledo, Spain, embraces the tradition of street photography with his works. His interest is focused on people in the city. What traces does the daily routine of the city’s residents leave behind in the urban landscape? Aspano’s series Paris was created over a number of years in the French metropolis, and shows a city that is considerably shaped by its inhabitants.

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